Marcus Troup with Troup Insurance
Marcus Troup
Firm Owner/Head Financial Advisor
Whitney Skeens with Troup Insurance
Whitney Skeens
Financial Services Advisor

Whitney does an amazing job of helping manage our financial services division of the agency. She is extremely knowledge about all things retirement and investing. She works side by side with Marcus Troup in the planning and preparation that goes into all our financial and retirement services.

Morgan Cotton with Troup Insurance
Morgan Cotton
Office Manager

Morgan brings an awesome personality to our agency. She has an amazing background in insurance services and her knowledge is amazing. She handles and manages all clients account interactions and leads an amazing accounts service team. She brings a lot of strengths to our dynamic team of professionals.

John Bellin with Troup Insurance
John Bellin
Insurance Specialist

John has a long history in insurance and has been in for over 20 years. He is a wealth of knowledge regarding life insurance, personal insurance, and commercial products. John enjoys seeing our client’s life changed by the overage she offers and educates our clients to be covered by. John is truly a wizard when it comes to life insurance products and taking care of the client’s needs when they matter most.

Isabelle Herman with Troup Insurance
Isabelle Herman
Account Executive

Isabelle does an amazing job of handling the daily interactions and account service needs with our clients. She provides services not only to our personal line’s clients but also our commercial accounts. She always answers the phone with a helpful heart and smile.